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Our services encompass a wide-range of educational and training services, including:

Instructional and Curriculum Design - Instructional design is the systemic design of instruction. The goal is to satisfy the question: "Will learners learn effectively from this learning module?" Good instructional design principles form the basis for everything we do at Avant Learning. We frequently partner with subject matter experts to create educational materials in a variety of content areas.

Needs Assessment - One of the most powerful tools Avant Learning employs is that of a needs assessment. A needs assessment helps us design and develop appropriate solutions for your challenge.

Distance Learning and e-learning - One common way to provide educational solutions in hard to reach places is through distance and e-learning. These tools allow us to bring the school to the learner; rather than bringing the learner to the school. Avant Learning has extensive expertise in Learning Management Systems, Web 2.0 (wiki, blogs, social media, online survey, etc.), web conferencing and other emerging technologies.

Training - Avant Learning can develop customized training courses for you and your colleagues or clients. We use our broad network of subject matter experts to develop the best educational programmes using the best instructors in the world.

Evaluation - How do we know that our solutions work? We conduct detailed evaluations of everything we do. These evaluations are both summative (after the project is complete) and formative (conducted throughout all stages of the project). Evaluations are particularly helpful to us as they allow us to customize and improve the solution as we create it.

Project Management - Like instructional design, we use project management tools throughout all of our projects to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. We can also provide project management services and training courses so your own projects can be completed with peak efficiency.

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