Learning Design

Learning Design is a framework that supports effective and engaging learning experiences. It refers to deliberate choices about what, when where and how to learn and teach. For us this means using an instructional design approach to provide solutions in various modalities;

Needs Assessment

Needs assessments are, simply, assessments of training or learning needs.

In our case this is often referred to as training needs assessments and is a systematic method for determining what sort of learning solutions may (or may not) be needed. The process involves a multi-stage approach including:

  • Extant data analysis
  • Data collection through interviews, surveys etc…
  • Analysis of learning needs
  • Subject matter analysis

Needs assessments ensure that the learning solutions are indeed meeting the needs of the learners and the organizations.

Instructional and Curriculum Design

Instructional design is a systematic approach to the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of learning materials and activities.

The goal of instructional design is to answer the question: “Will learners learn effectively from this learning module?”

Who will benefit from Instructional and Learning Design Training? Any individuals and organizations that have training and education as a focus. Even organizations not considered educational often devote a lot of resources to training. Think of how much effort organizations like banks, governments, and health care spend on onboarding staff as well as continuing professional development.

Organizations that claim their staff is their number one resource should ensure that education throughout the work life cycle is front and center to meet their professional goals.

Online Learning

One effective way to provide educational solutions (especially post-Covid19) is through a combination of in-person and virtual/online learning.

The virtual/online learning tools we use allow us to bring learning opportunities to the learner, rather than bringing the learner to the learning.

Avant Learning has extensive expertise in learning design using Learning Management Systems, web conferencing and other emerging technologies.

We ensure that the variety and combination of multiple learning modes produces the highest quality and delivers the best learning outcomes.