Member Profiles and Contacts

Member Profiles and Contacts

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General Inquiry: robert.aucoin@
Phone: 1-250-661-3934

Robert Aucoin
Co-founder and Principal

Robert originally hails from Halifax, Canada but has called many places home over the years. He developed an interest in education at a very early age when he began helping students in need in junior high school. This developed into his life long interest in working with learners experiencing difficult circumstances leading to a stint with Frontier College and developing literacy programmes for the Canadian Pacific Railway. From his days on the railway Robert moved on to teach math and physics in rural Zimbabwe on a World University Service of Canada-sponsored programme (see a short video about Robert's experiences in Zimbabwe). Since then Robert has developed a passion for innovative ways of learning and has plied his techniques all over the world in universities, corporations and public schools. Robert is currently pursuing his doctoral study at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on the use of web 2.0 tools in education.

Outside of work Robert has a keen interest in sports. He is an avid kayaker and hiker and also referees minor hockey. See Robert's resume. email: robert.aucoin@

Ining Tracy Chao
Co-founder and Director 

Ining is a firm believer in life-long learning. With her work experience in information management and education, she has provided instructional design expertise in subject areas such as arts, social sciences, humanities, business, medicine and technology. The wide range of subjects and diversity of clientele have helped shape Ining's passion for this field. She sees herself as a partner for change when working with clients to solve problems. Ining's creativity extends beyond her work. She is a dancer and has performed and choreographed several pieces of modern dance. More about Ining. Email: ining.chao@


Carolyn Duvar
Associate Consultant

Carolyn Duvar is an educational designer based in Halifax. Her interest in education has been a lifelong obsession. Early in her career, she developed and delivered courses for International students eager to learn English. This foray into ESL (English as a Second Language) brought together two of Carolynís enduring passions; travel and education. Carolyn worked in both the university and corporate environments. She has recently tackled the most difficult educational task ever put in front of her; children! Carolyn considers this assignment the hardest yet, but by far the most enjoyable and rewarding.

Myriam Legault
Associate Consultant

Myriam is a writer (both English and French) by training and has extensive experience in e-learning. She has worked as an instructional designer, online instructor and researcher for universities across Canada. The many hats she has worn over the years have enabled her to help youth, adults, as well as marginalised communities achieve access to quality education and training. Myriam has a true passion for knowledge. Her lifelong goal is to help make learning accessible to those who need it and, in so doing, to further her own knowledge of the world.

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